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What benefits does Stratton Equities provide to employees?

Stratton Equities was created, developed, and is run with a sustainable business model where everyone succeeds.


All Loan Officer Positions Include:


  • Direct Daily Leads

  • Hands-on Training & Management Support

  • Competitive Compensation Package

  • Excellent Medical, Dental, and other Benefits

  • High Commissions

  • Team Oriented Management

  • Direct Daily Access to Management

  • Fun Atmosphere & Community Environment


More Loan Programs for Borrowers, More Opportunities for Loan Officers


Stratton Equities offers the Largest Mortgage Loan Program Options under one roof. We know that a company only makes money when its loan officers do. We set up our team for success by providing access to an array of innovative mortgage loan programs. 


This multitude of loan product options leads to an influx of direct, organic leads through to our sales pipeline. Our loan officers don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money searching for leads, the leads come to them. 


New loan officers at Stratton Equities will close their first deal within 6-8 weeks after their initial training, which leads to his next solution.


Upper Management Support & Training


How do you expect your team to be prepared to close a lead if they don’t have the proper sales training? If a loan officer doesn’t know what to do, especially with boutique private money loan programs, they will not be able to be effective.


Training and support from management is another cornerstone at Stratton Equities. We believe that if you want a strong team, each member of that team has to be confident in their abilities. 


With a comprehensive training program, we ensure our members know what to do and can help every borrower succeed with their investment goals. Our focus is not on instant success but on the continued success and growth of each loan officer at Stratton Equities.


The training, support from upper management, open door policy, and a wide array of loan program options build the encouraging and thriving company culture at our company. 


The success of each member is celebrated.

Stratton Equities Trademark

The “Say, YES, More!” Sales Structure


Stratton Equities has more Nationwide Private Money and NON-QM Mortgage Loan Programs under one roof available than other traditional lending institutions. 


Most of the mortgage world is like the real estate world -- they give you a phone and say you’re on your own, good luck.


But that’s not how it works at Stratton Equities.

Our sales structure was developed to allow mortgage loan officers to say “YES!” to more interested borrowers. While other big companies in the mortgage lending space have the same limiting mortgage loan programs for investors, which stifles the loan officers’ earning potential, that is not the case at Stratton Equities.


We are focused on ensuring our loan officers are on the fast track to produce. As mortgage lenders, we only make money when you make money, so they make sure you are fully supported to make money. 


Unlike a standard bank loan officer who makes $60k annually, a mortgage loan officer with Stratton Equities can expect to make $150-250k+.


The Stratton Equities’ Management Team is there every step of the way to support you and provide a path for direct success. 


We do routine reviews of calls and help you go step by step through how to improve and “Say “YES!” More.”  It’s not just about being successful - we want you to stay successful and constantly be learning.

Team First Mindset


At Stratton Equities, you’ve gotta be a team player. People get pushed out if they are not focused on the team’s results.


We have three rules; No cliques. No animosity. No BS in the office. 


The private lending industry is fast-paced and demanding, people work hard, play hard and have a good time. Everybody goes above and beyond for the people on their team. 


Stratton Equities maintains the team-first mindset by only promoting from within. You need to come on board and learn how the team operates in order to be a team leader. If you succeed, you can pass on that team mindset in as little as eight months to a year. 


At Stratton Equities, they appreciate hard work and repay it in kind:

  • When you join the Stratton Equities team as a loan officer, you're in a community to flourish, grow, and develop your future.

  • When you start, on your first day of training, we will have a full catered lunch in the conference room and establish a team-centered environment.

  • When you complete your training and are officially part of the team, you will receive company-paid outings and team rewards.


As a member of the Stratton Equities loan officer team, you will be doing meaningful work in a modern, open, and collaborative office environment. You will be surrounded by people who care – not just about their work, but about those around them. 


When one of us succeeds, all of us succeed, and we help each other as a winning team.

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