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Stratton Equities' Company Culture

“When it comes to working performance, we’re all business, however, we take pride in our team environment, strong community, and relaxed company culture with excellent incentives for team members.” - Michael Mikhail, CEO, Stratton Equities

Stratton Equities’ business model and operational structure were set up as an environment where all team members are able to thrive. 


As a member of the Stratton Equities team, you’ll have direct access to the best minds in the business and training in the mortgage industry. 

  • Management Support & High-Level Training - During their ongoing training, loan officers will experience high-level training and education from seasoned professionals in the field. Mortgage industry leaders and professionals are not limited to; real estate attorneys, title companies, commercial realtors, real estate investors, etc.

  • Open Door Policy - Stratton Equities’ open door policy is the cornerstone of our company culture, ensuring everyone who works at the company knows they have the support they need to succeed from all upper management members.


Stratton Equities is currently in the process of expansion, we are looking to grow and add performance-driven professionals to our team to become a part of our long-term success strategy.

Ready to join Stratton Equities? You can Apply Now to be valuable member of our team.

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What is the Company Culture like at Stratton Equities?


When one of us succeeds, all of us succeed, and we help each other when needed.


As a member of the Stratton Equities team, you will be doing meaningful work in a modern, open, and collaborative office environment. The company is built on a team-oriented mindset where you will be surrounded by people who care not just about their work, but about those around them. 


When you join Stratton Equities, you’re not just becoming a part of a company, you’re working with a business that is changing the way real estate investors, large or small, can access financing to invest in residential & commercial real estate, bringing much-needed capital “from Wall Street to Main Street”.

Mortgage Loan Officer Education and Leadership


Hands-on learning is the best way to become a master of your craft, and that is why we emphasize a direct approach with onboarding, as we want our new loan officers to be fully prepared for the job and not stumble over minor details. 


A license might be the proper prerequisite to knowing how a loan officer works, but finding out the nuances on-the-job will be the ultimate test.


Our diverse array of Hard Money and NON-QM Mortgage Programs will tailor the perfect loan options for any unique Real Estate scenario. Stratton Equities funds the following loan programs; Hard Money, Fix and Flip for Real Estate Investors, Bridge Loans, Commercial, Stated Income, Commercial Bridge Loans, Foreclosure Bailouts, and Cash-Out Refinance Projects for non-owner occupied properties.


At Stratton Equities, we educate our loan officers through our extensive training program to ensure they are prepared and well-versed in all our available mortgage loan options to successfully help borrowers with their loan scenarios.

Are you looking to expand your career in Mortgage Lending?

If you are a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator that is new to the industry and is having a difficult time finding business, we have the solution. 


We have several openings for our upcoming training cycle. All new loan officer candidates are chosen during the training process. 


In the office, training lasts one week, with ongoing management support and education. 


Stratton Equities provides our loan officers with direct quality daily leads, that are from people that call into or apply to our offices looking for a mortgage. Not the other way around.


We have a time-tested model that includes a state-of-the-art CRM and lead generation, amazing hands-on training, and one of the widest ranges of mortgage loan programs in the industry. We have branches that specialize in different types of loans such as Hard Money, NO-DOC Loans, NON-QM Loans, Conventional, Fix & Flip, Commercial and more.

Loan officer trainees begin closing loans on average between 4-6 weeks after the completion of training. If you are looking to sign up for our next training cycle, email us today at or Apply Now!

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