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Specialized Hard Money & NON-QM Mortgage Programs

Updated: Feb 12

When it comes to innovation in mortgage lending, Stratton Equities has been at the forefront. The company was designed to pioneer the private money and NON-QM space by providing the broadest range of nationwide mortgage programs under one roof. This specialized hard money and non-qualified (NON-QM) mortgage loan programs were created to help real estate investors obtain their dream investment properties.

By housing a large variety of loan products, we have multiple options for the borrower that are not available with other private lenders.

Our nationwide direct private money loan programs are tailored to meet a real estate investor’s needs, regardless of what type of mortgage loan they are looking for. For every real estate investor, the financing process is quick, simple, and straightforward thanks to our tailored mortgage packages.

Stratton Equities have developed the greatest lending choices to offer a variety of boutique, customized mortgage packages. We closely collaborate with US borrowers and real estate entrepreneurs from coast to coast (including Hawaii and Alaska) and offer them best-in-class choices adapted to their particular circumstances.

Read on to find out how the unique loan solutions offered by Stratton Equities will assist you in seizing your subsequent real estate investment opportunity!

Specialized Mortgages Programs Designed for Your Investment Loan Scenario

Stratton Equities provides a wide range of loans for a collection of real estate investment properties. We focus on various property structures with 1-4 units, mixed-use, multi-family, commercial, storage, office, warehouse, industrial, and apartment buildings. Additionally, the majority of private lenders mostly deal with commercial or residential assets.

Working with a private lender on a single-family or multi-family home is an option for real estate investors wishing to benefit from a residential project.

Additionally, Stratton Equities concentrates on NO-DOC Loans, Soft Money Loans, Hard Money Loans, and Fix and Flip projects.

For a Fix and Flip investment loan, we provide borrowers up to 90% LTV, 100% of the rehab costs and 75% ARV with rates starting at 8.74%. Bridge Loans up to 75% LTV.

Our popular NO-DOC and Soft Money term loans have no income verification with rates starting at 6.99% and up to 75% LTV.

Stratton Equities' Direct Private Money Loan Programs

Every one of our specialty mortgage programs has special features that might range from loan size and term to different interest rates and credit score requirements.

  • NO-DOC Loans

  • Soft Money Loans

  • Foreign National Loans

  • Fix and Flip

  • Cash-Out Refinance

  • Bridge Loans

  • Stated Income

  • Commercial Loans

Which Specialized Mortgage Programs Is The Fit For Me?

It’s obvious that we stand out from the competition. Due to the variety of our programs, affordable private money rates starting at 6.99%+, skilled and enthusiastic team, and speedy loan approval process, working with Stratton Equities is the best decision.

Even so, it could be challenging to decide which of the numerous customized financing plans offered by Stratton Equities is best for your particular real estate investment situation.

Thankfully, our Loan Officers are here to help. If you have an investment property and wish to speak with one of our Loan Officers, call Stratton Equities at 800-962-6613 or apply for loan pre-qualification today!

NON-QM Mortgage Programs


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